How We Do It Right the First Time.

Information Gathering

Designing, deploying and maintaining a sophisticated enterprise-grade network is a science. Our pre-sales design team helps hundreds of integrators engineer robust networking solutions that meet the unique needs of each project and homeowner.

Our process begins with a detailed review of your project to thoroughly investigate the environment and determine critical technology requirements for project success. This allows our design engineers to determine many critical points of data. How many connected devices are there? What’s the indoor/outdoor square footage to be covered by Wi-Fi? Which building materials are used in the home?

Next, we focus on the remaining hardware elements of the network infrastructure: LAN switch placement, gigabit routing capabilities, Firewall requirements and multi-structure connectivity.


Using the information gathered, our team of engineers collaborate to design a network that is perfectly suited to your project.

Every custom solution comes with a specific design layout that ensures optimal positioning of wireless access points, premium performance and efficient network deployment.



Programmed for Success

Pre-programmed with a network configuration that is specific to your client’s automated residence, Access Networks’ custom designed networks arrive ready to deploy!