Access Networks offers predictability, profitability and efficiency.


Metro Eighteen


“Access Networks is 100% the reason we are able to remotely monitor the network, and provide instantaneous response to our client’s needs without sending trucks.” – Jay Bakaler, President of Metro Eighteen

Early on, Jay Bakaler realized that predictability is key to a successful business. His thriving custom installation company, which serves select communities in both Northern and Southern California, is founded on definable, repeatable processes.

Bakaler’s approach is no different when it comes to network integration. He has made a category of audio/ video integration that typically carries a lot of unknowns into a simple formula.

Bakaler’s secret: “I only ever install Access Networks custom systems.”

With Access Networks’ team of IT professionals designing and supporting the network, Bakaler gives an analogy: “If a cake has 45 basic ingredients, the network is the flour. The most important ingredient of the cake is the network. No matter how good the other 44 ingredients are, if the flour is bad, the whole cake is bad.” “Access Networks allows us to have a definable, repeatable process.” – Jay Bakaler

He claims that he literally turns away clients who won’t invest in an Access Networks custom solution. “It isn’t part of my recipe and isn’t worth it to support them in the long-run,” he says.

The network is the foundation of the automated home. Quality cannot be compromised without the outcome of the entire project being compromised.


Maverick Integration


Since partnering with Access Networks, Dennis Jaques, President of Maverick Integration, has mastered the strategy of network profitability.

“Without doing any additional work, we’ve increased our network profits by 50 percent.” –Dennis Jaques.

Jaques’ Business Strategy:

“In our business, the most profitable thing we sell is our time. Labor accounts for nearly half of our annual revenue. Having a plug-and-play solution that provides us with a reliable, robust network that we can sell, without any additional work on our end, is a tremendous asset to our bottom line.”

For Maverick Integration to provide its customers with the same level of capability in a network offered by Access Networks, Jaques claims he would need to add a minimum of three additional employees: a high-level tech, a system designer, and someone to program and manage the network once deployed.

“Finding three qualified employees to handle those functions would most likely require around $300,000 in salary per year – and that’s assuming you could find the talent. Most people who would have the qualifications would already have a career in a corporate environment.”

Even the low-level technicians can install an Access Networks’ system. Jaques sends any of his technicians out into the field with full confidence that they can seamlessly install a sophisticated, enterprise-grade network in a very short amount of time.

“I have low-level techs deploying high level networks – networks I know are going to work each and every time” – Dennis Jaques.

Confidence in Access Networks’ design and consistency in performance are key to selling clients an enterprise-grade network.

“Before we discovered there was a solution out there that provided a complete network, not just products, delivering reliable Wi-Fi was a labor intensive, hit-or-miss scenario. We were at the mercy of a range of different vendors,” says Jaques.

Partnering with a single network solution provider has eliminated the unpredictability of network integration. With costs predetermined and unexpected calls eliminated, Jaques can calculate exactly what a network deployment will cost. As a package solution, he can charge the correct price of the network.


Rich AV Design


Josh Rich, President of Rich AV Design, understands how draining service calls are on his internal resources.

“There are a lot more productive uses of our time than walking into a customer’s house and charging an hourly rate of labor to unplug something and then plug it back in,” – Josh Rich, President of Rich AV Design.

Rich AV Design is a five-man company that primarily works on large renovation projects in affluent areas. Rather than having a dedicated service team, the company shares the responsibility of service and support amongst their team. Before partnering with Access Networks in 2010, Rich AV Design was building and supporting the home networks all on their own. The networking equipment that he previously installed required regular reboots.

“We used to get calls two to three times per year for slow performance of network devices or other devices that could not connect. It was almost always bad equipment- which cost us money to roll a truck out there and cost the customer for the service call.”

Since partnering with Access Networks, Rich AV Design has seen an astonishing drop in service calls. In five years, there have only been two network-related service calls on an Access Networks system. Both cases were an ISP issue, unrelated to the network itself.

Doing the math, two service calls in five years compared to three service calls per year is an 87 percent reduction.

“When we install an Access Networks’ system, our only time spent on the network is literally installing the rack itself and plugging in a few patch cables. We have a fully managed wired network up and running in 15 minutes.”

Because most projects have working hours, every minute at the job site is essential. “If you can save a whole day on the job by not having to configure the network- those are real dollars being saved,” says Rich.

The impact of offloading the network has rippled across all areas of business for Rich AV Design: “At the time, I did not fully appreciate how much using Access Networks was going to help us grow. It is difficult to find installers who are skilled with both audio/video and networking, so having Access Networks makes hiring much easier.”

Because Access Networks systems are simple to install, hours that were once sucked dry by the network are now applied to business growth and development. The company has expanded into territories that are now accessible by leveraging the sophisticated support of Access Networks’ team of engineers.