5 Reasons Why an Enterprise-grade Network is the SMART Choice

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Here are five reasons why modern homeowners need an enterprise-grade network. Think S.M.A.R.T. and give your client peace of mind that their modern home will stay connected to their ever-changing lives.

1)       Stability:

We design and maintain sophisticated networks with the simple premise of keeping homeowners connected. Our expert certified engineers custom design each network solution based on your client’s unique home environment, ensuring stability, reliability and long-lasting performance. Our networks arrive ready to deploy and are supported by our network engineers.

2)       Management:

Enterprise-grade networks offer unparalleled network management, visibility, control and support. These powerful networks, originally designed for critical enterprise environments, are now required in the modern connected home.

Features such as multi-VLAN systems, QoS traffic prioritization, adaptive antenna technology, dynamic beamforming and mobile device optimization mean greater speed, fewer errors, maximum coverage, instant bandwidth delivery and more. With unmatched visibility, our team has the tools to remotely support and maintain each network we deploy.

3)       Amplitude:

To support the amplitude of connected devices in your clients’ homes, our networks utilize the finest components in the world including Cisco enterprise-grade routers and switches as well as Ruckus Wireless controllers and access points. Our networks are built to maintain quality of service as the load increases, enabling the homeowner’s life to grow uninterrupted.

4)       Results:

Whether through wired or wireless network solutions, our proprietary network configurations will provide the connected results that your clients need. With over a decade of custom residential network experience, we aim to enhance network efficiencies and empower integrators to deliver exceptionally reliable smart home services for the modern home. Partner with us and our team becomes your team.

5)       Threshold:

Have we mentioned that the network is the threshold of the modern home? A homeowner’s connected lifestyle will only be as good as the network. Our network solutions provide for limitless scalability so integrators can offer their clients’ a rock-solid digital foundation that they need not just for today but into the future.

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