What started as a response to a growing market trend evolved into the largest managed network service provider in America.

Our story began in 2002, when Hagai Feiner, our founder, was servicing the technology needs of enterprises in Los Angeles County and discovered an emerging trend: Corporate clientele were asking for a robust networking solution not only in their offices, but also in their homes. Over-the-counter networking devices no longer met the demands of his clients’ connected lifestyles. When enterprise-grade networks were applied to the homes, their experience immediately improved. A solid network created the platform on which every other facet of technology could operate as designed. In 2003, Access Networks was officially born.

Working closely with custom integration companies, Access Networks developed networking solutions that balanced the robust feature-sets that business owners expect, with the ease-of-use end clients demand. Integrators across the nation turned to Access Networks to provide the technical expertise and support for a fraction of the cost of a full-time IT professional.  By 2010, the company had grown its national dealer base to hundreds of accounts.

In 2021, Snap One acquired Access Networks to broaden their networking portfolio with new products and managed services including system design, configuration, monitoring, and support. This partnership further allowed partners to tackle any networking need regardless of size as well as expand Access Networks solutions to more commercial environments.

Today, Access Networks is firmly established as the market leader in providing custom designed enterprise-grade network solutions to both the residential and commercial space. We seek to create the best user experience possible. Our goal is for the network to operate so efficiently that you don’t even know it’s there. It is designed to be invisible, as it seamlessly supports the technology of the environment.