A750 Wi-Fi 6 Certified Access Point Now Available

Categorized:  Press  |  July 9, 2020

A750 - Wi-Fi 6 Certified Access Point

The A750 Wi-Fi 6 Certified Access Point is now available!

With the introduction of its A750 wireless access point (WAP), Access Networks has not only provided integrators with more WAPs to choose, from, but the company has also provided integrators with a multi-gigabit WAP.

Access Networks’ latest product is a Wi-Fi 6 certified access point that is designed to “bridge” the gap between gigabit Wi-Fi connectivity and multi-gigabit wireless connectivity.

The Los Angeles-based networking company states the A750 provides professional integrators with a reasonably priced networking solution to meet today’s need for increased network speed and bandwidth.

Access Network also points out that its latest access point is capable of managing up to 1024 client connections. According to the company, the A750’s ability to support that many clients is helpful for ultra-dense environments where the proximity of some individual wireless networks impede performance.

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