Press: Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s The Future Of IoT Security?

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What’s coming next with IoT Security? Hagai Feiner shared his thoughts with Future of Everything…

As IoT devices become more common in homes, security will need to be at the forefront of product design. IoT device manufacturers need to address the primary vulnerabilities within their operating systems (OS) and applications (apps). This can be done by providing the framework to constantly update the OS and/or app of the IoT device just like we do today for PCs. Manufacturers can also add security measures into their IoT devices like a firewall, IDS/IPS or Antimalware, which will automatically update itself to protect against the newest threats. And finally, it is always best to lockdown access to any/all IoT devices by placing them on a secure network. To assure the confidentiality and integrity of the data between the IoT device and the control ecosystem or the cloud, IoT devices will need to use centrally managed digital certificates and hardware-based security modules to protect the digital certificate keys.

Hagai Feiner

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