Press: Defining Success

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I was fortunate to share some thoughts with Tim Albright of AVNation today. The two other participants in our video cast were out sick, and so Tim and I decided we are going to talk about home networks. Our conversation touched many topics: from integrators attaining networking skills, to IoT vs. IoE, to network security in the age of the latter and, of course, the future of our industry.

My conclusion in this video cast was to define my view of success. What is it? How does one qualify it? Success, in my view, is the delivery of a complex automated system to a homeowner who can use the system you deliver as it was intended. Success is the eradication of service calls, no matter how large the project. Success is peace of mind for all involved. Success is quiet time for your client with their family, and for you, with yours. Success is where technology takes its place and fades into the background when it is not needed, and then shines in all its might with a touch of a button.

If this is the experience you strive to deliver, it really does not matter what product lines and services you use in order to deliver it. It only matters that you deliver. Consistently. For everyone.

Original title was “What It’s All About”. I changed it to what I feel is more appropriate.

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