Enhance Your Home Designs with an Enterprise-Grade Network

Categorized:  The Access Blog  |  February 4, 2022

When a solid, reliable networking foundation is in place, lights, music, video, and window shades operate optimally to add beauty to the home aesthetic.

Wi-Fi connectivity is at an all-time high, with more than 20 devices consuming precious bandwidth throughout the day. All the tech amenities that you now must consider in your home design plans–smart kitchen appliances, TVs, music systems, and more—require a solid networking foundation to utilize W-Fi, which, in turn, helps them enhance the overall look and feel of the home interior. Consequently, home networks have become as much a part of the design experience as the furnishings, materials, and finishes. Enabled by an enterprise-grade network, homes can achieve a new level of elegance and luxury.

Being able to download music quickly, video-chat smoothly, and binge-watch Netflix without buffering are huge benefits of a home network, but its impact on the home environment reaches way beyond these typical usage scenarios. Connected appliances, lighting, touch panels, voice assistants, and mobile devices all rely on a strong network foundation for optimal performance. Without it, lights may not dim properly to accentuate architectural details. Music may not reach invisible bathroom speakers to enhance the relaxing, spa-like atmosphere you created. Commands issued to TVs, smart appliances, and thermostats from touch panels, tablets, smartphones, and voice assistants may get lost in transit. The experience is lost, and your design objectives derailed by unruly technology.

An enterprise-grade network from Access Networks precludes these problems, letting your design shine and giving clients a solid foundation that supports additional Wi-Fi-enabled devices that might be added along the way. This means the technology and the design in your kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces will never go out of style. What’s more, with proper planning and collaboration between designers and home tech professionals, the smart devices connected to a network and the networking equipment itself can blend in beautifully with the home environment. You can give your clients both the design aesthetic and the connected lifestyle they want.

To achieve this level of uncompromised design and connectivity, it’s best to plan for a networking system early in the design phase. By collaborating with a skilled, experienced systems integrator and utilizing Access Networks’ portfolio of trusted solutions and design services, you can rest assured that connected technologies enabled by a high-caliber networking system function flawlessly and help accentuate the home aesthetic.