Home for the Holidays: Wi-Fi Connectivity the Core of a Massive Smart Home Renovation

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Fully managed enterprise-grade Wi-Fi system from Access Networks enables effortless operation of lights, shades, AV equipment and more in a 20,000-square-foot home.

Living room of luxury smart home with upgraded Wi-Fi connection

The more high-tech a home, the more important consistent, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity becomes. The owners of this renovated 20,000-square-foot estate realized the implications when they moved there from a modest-sized apartment in the city.  They had grand plans for the massive makeover and contacted their trusted systems integration firm, The Autom8 Group, to transform their relatively tech-free residence into a modern marvel of interoperable, intuitive electronic systems. “They knew they needed a robust Wi-Fi network to make everything work seamlessly together and we had the perfect solution to make it happen,” says The Autom8 Group project manager Elan Daisudov.

The performance of every light fixture, motorized window shade, numerous surveillance cameras, audio/video systems and office equipment would hinge on the home’s Wi-Fi network. For quality assurance, Daisudov and his team went with one of the best solutions on the market: the Core Network from Access Networks. Managed by a central controller, the Core Network keeps all Wi-Fi traffic in check and moving along at a good clip.

“A lesser system simply wouldn’t be able to keep pace with the technological demands of this house”

– Elan Daisudov, The Autom8 Group

Plus, because the controller is customizable, The Autom8 Group was able to prioritize the traffic; for example, giving office equipment dibs on network bandwidth over the home’s AV systems. “This prevents issues like Zoom calls falling offline when at the same time the kids stream video games,” Daisudov explains. “The husband, a doctor, and the wife, a real estate agent, work at home frequently, so maintaining full bandwidth capacity for office applications was Imperative.” So was providing top-notch cybersecurity for the protection of confidential information stored and shared via the network. The Core Network delivers top security features via an integrated firewall/router loaded with enhanced security software from Sophos.

That took care of the network hub. To ensure full, even Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity of every device, the home would need plenty of Wi-Fi access points. Again, Access Networks was Autom8’s choice provider—not only for the quality of its APs but the company’s unmatched level of customer support. Prior to network installation, The Autom8 Group collaborated with the homeowners to identify their specific requirements, the intended locations of connected devices, and any structural or design elements that could interfere with Wi-Fi signals. This data was shared with Access Networks’ system design team to develop a detailed Wi-Fi schematic for The Autom8 Group to use on site. Much like an architectural blueprint, the plan showed Autom8 which APs to use and exactly where to place them for best performance and optimal coverage.  “This streamlined our efforts immensely and gave us priceless peace of mind that the network would live up to our clients’ expectations,” Daisudov says.

Happy client in luxury smart home with new technology connected by Access Networks Core Network

“This streamlined our efforts immensely and gave us priceless peace of mind that the network would live up to our clients’ expectations,” Daisudov says.

With the home’s Wi-Fi foundation established, it was all systems go. The Autom8 Group could confidently deploy every technological feature on the homeowners’ wish list, program dozens of automation routines, and arm the family with several control options, including voice commands. No matter how many devices would be placed on the network, where they would reside, or the frequency of use, the Wi-Fi infrastructure would get every signal to where it needed to go, fast and without a hitch.

Lutron lighting and motorized window shades adjust perfectly throughout the day, Luma surveillance cameras signal the floodlights to activate when motion is detected, Samsung TVs move on motorized brackets into viewing position, high-res audio and video signals stream to entertainment systems throughout the home, and every Control4 touch panel, Lutron keypad, and Josh.ai sensor quickly and accurately relay pushbutton and voice commands to a myriad of smart devices throughout the well-networked home, all thanks to the Core Network. Just as this home’s structural foundation supports the shell around it, the Access Networks Wi-Fi infrastructure supports uncompromised connectivity and performance of every electronic amenity, making the owners’ dream of a simpler, carefree life in the country a reality.  When the owners are ready to commence with “Phase 2” of their home remodel, there will be ample bandwidth for the dedicated theater to deliver the family a superior entertainment experience as Access Networks Core Networks have equipped the home for future connectivity growth as well.

List of Equipment

  • Access Networks Core Network
  • Access Networks A750 Wi-Fi 6 Access Points (7)
  • Access Networks ANX 7150 Series Switch
  • Sophos XG 115 Series Firewall/Router
  • Control4 Home Automation System
  • Josh .ai Voice Control
  • Lutron HomeWorks Lighting System
  • Lutron Palladiom Motorized Shades
  • Lutron Palladiom Thermostats
  • Luma Surveillance Cameras
  • OvrC Remote Monitoring System
  • Samsung Frame TVs Future Automation Motorized TV Brackets

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