Modern Home Systems doesn’t let the coronavirus keep them from upgrading their clients’ systems

Categorized:  Press  |  May 22, 2020

A stable, reliable home network is the foundation of every home technology we offer at Modern Home Systems (La Jolla, CA). Without it, the performance of streaming AV, surveillance cameras, and a home automation system can be compromised. We’d rather a client allocate less of his budget on speakers and amplifiers, for example, applying it instead to a more expensive, higher performance networking system. We stress this fact every time we meet with a client and leverage our message by selling best-in-class, enterprise-grade networking components, and installing them so that every part of a home is fully covered. We won’t settle for anything less — doing so would be a huge disservice to our clients. We want the system to serve their needs well into the future so they won’t need to call us two years later to update the network. Continue reading…

Today, the best components utilize Wi-Fi 6 technology, so it’s what we recommend to all of our clients — both new and existing. It’s also the reason we sell exclusively networking solutions from Access Networks.