Each System Consists of 4 Essential Products

1 x Sophos XG Firewall
1 x Access Networks C120 Wireless Controller
1 x Ruckus ICX 7150 Switch (4 options)
1 x Access Networks Live Monitoring Helix

(with 1 Year Live Monitoring Service included)

System Overview


Core2 is a flat or layer-2 network core with a single IP scheme for the entire scope of the project.


Core3 is a multiple-VLAN or layer-3 network with up to 6 preconfigured VLANs for network segmentation. Since the switches utilized in this system are capable of layer-3 functionality without the need for a hardware change, Access Networks is able to provide true layer-3 configurations more affordably than our previous multiple-VLAN solutions.

Included in all Core Systems

4 Years of hardware warranty and standard technical support
Pre-configured Helix with an active Live Monitoring service for the 1st year
Custom design services
Enterprise-grade network equipment
Access point layout on client provided plan set
Network diagram for wired solutions
Custom programmed to project specifications
Plug-and-play installation
Lifetime FlexMaster subscription
UPS ground shipping included

Complete Your System

Integrators will appreciate the ease and efficiency of choosing their Core system and simply adding access points and additional switches based on the needs of each residence.