Admit One Home Systems Ensures a Reliable Network & Home Entertainment Experience

Categorized:  The Access Blog  |  July 9, 2020

When it comes to the future of home automation, a robust network is a very clear apparition in the crystal ball. Where a decade ago home networking products were an afterthought or the purview of the cable company, these days homeowners need a more powerful home network or the entire home automation experience falls to pieces.

With the proliferation of smart speakers (the Consumer Technology Association estimates they are in 31 percent of U.S. households) more homes are cord-cutting and relying on streaming for their music, TV, movies, radio, and more. The need for enterprise-grade networking solutions is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Integrators must look at solutions that are scalable; easy to install, monitor, and service; and robust enough to handle the demands of today’s (and tomorrow’s) smart homes.

That’s why Admit One Home Systems in Edina, MN, relies exclusively on Access Networks for their networking needs.

“We require a networking backbone that’s super-reliable, stable, consistent, and, in the case of wireless systems, provides even coverage throughout the house,” said Lance Anderson, CEO and Founder of Admit One.

“Access Networks has helped us become network experts both with their team behind us, as well as the products they offer.”

Eliminating Bad ‘Smart Home’ Experiences

As many home technology professionals know, a poor network infrastructure can be the culprit in a poor smart home experience. Oftentimes, integrators get blamed for this, even if they didn’t install the network to begin with. Using the Access Networks Wireless family of products and Access Networks custom Core Systems can alleviate those concerns for both the integrator and the client, according to Anderson.

“When we work with someone else’s network, there are often issues. We finally had to draw that line and have our clients sign off on the fact that we won’t support any network we didn’t install,” Anderson said. “And we always install Access Networks solutions… we simply don’t have any issues when we do.”

reliable network

Admit One uses Access Networks Wireless for every installation – from single-room, $5,000 media rooms to home automation and AV systems that span entire estates.

Admit One recently installed an Access Networks Wireless system in a luxury estate in Minnesota. The house includes lighting control, full home automation, distributed audio and video, and an award-winning home theater. This project won three CEDIA Awards – one for the theater, along with awards for the Best Dressed Rack and Best Integrated Home.

“This house has everything – and it was all dependent on the wireless network,” Anderson noted. “These houses are not square boxes. They’re intricate architectural masterpieces, with a lot of odd-shaped spaces and unique textures that can give wireless RF signals trouble. The sophistication of the Access Networks components helps overcome those challenges…and they’re easy to install.”

Access Networks Wireless access points come in popular models to meet the needs of any residential application. Access points are available in both Standard and Unleashed versions. Integrators can choose from configurations such as dual-band 802.11ac, dual-band 8.02.11ac WAVE 2 dual and triple stream options, omnidirectional 802.11ac outdoor access points, and, most recently, a Wi-Fi 6 compatible access point.

Learn more about Access Networks’ Enterprise-Grade Home Networking solutions here.