Why Ace Training?

Categorized:  Press  |  April 29, 2019

Why Ace Training?

Residential technology integrators improve efficiency and profitability with Access Networks’ certification program.

A robust and reliable network is both the heart and circulatory system of every smart home, and integrators must be able to effectively install – and support – these systems in order to ensure they perform as expected, are secure, and in essence, deliver greater value to their customers.

When you become an Access Networks Certified Expert, you’ll have the skills and technical knowledge needed to confidently deploy and troubleshoot Access Networks’ robust, reliable, enterprise-grade Core networks.

Who Can Benefit from ACE Training?

Who can benefit from ACE training? Nearly anyone in your organization who sells, specifies, installs, or troubleshoots and supports networking technology.

The training begins with a series of online courses called “Networking Fundamentals” through the Access Networks portal and is followed by a one-day in-person training session and lab. Upon completion of the course, system integrators will be miles ahead of their peers when it comes to installing and supporting residential focused enterprise-grade wired and wireless networks.

Full of information relevant to real-world applications, ACE is a win-win experience for technicians on the ground and the owners of system integration firms. The cost to attend is $250. Once attendees have successfully completed the online lessons and attend the full-day, hands-on lab, the integration firm receives their choice of an Access Networks Wireless A510 access point or a $450 account credit.

This financial incentive makes ACE certification an “easy sell” for technicians looking to enhancetheir credentials. ACE-certified engineers, as well as company leadership, all reap the rewards of ACE training.

What Can You Expect from ACE Training?

ACE training lasts just one day (not including the online portion), but packs a lot of information into the training sessions and lab. It kicks off with a sales perspective, where sales personnel and engineers are empowered with the information they need to sell the right network to any client.

Useful sales tips and techniques, as well as best practices for network design and the overall process of selling custom systems, leave attendees with the knowledge they need to show clients the incredible benefits of an enterprise-grade network. For instance, did you know that a network’s cost shouldn’t be a set number, but rather 8 to 10% of the total project budget? The sales portion of training also reviews the value of using Access Networks as a partner.

In the second session, instructors discuss non-negotiables for any network deployment and provide integrators with the tools to ensure the network deployment is seamless and efficient, and operating at optimum efficiency to provide the highest level of customer experience from the start.

This phase of training also teaches integrators how configure the network appliance for remote monitoring and test that the baseline system performance is as expected.

Next, ACE training takes integrators into a deep dive on Wi-Fi connection rates, so integrators can learn how to calculate the rate at which a client device is able to perform. Students will learn how the right system design can ensure that the Wi-Fi network can meet the capabilities of each device.

Finally, integrators participate in a series of nine hands-on labs, each focusing on relevant and typical problems that may arrive in the field. Under the guidance and watchful eye of ACE instructors, attendees will complete tasks such as connecting a wireless controller, troubleshooting common problems and unusual situations, and installing firmware to go from a stand-alone wireless network to an Unleashed system and back again.

Benefits of ACE Training

Attendees who complete ACE training leave with the proper tools to sell the right network to their clients. It also gives salespeople the knowledge to upsell access points such as the A510, generating even more profit with every project.

Finally, ACE training gives integrators greater confidence on the job site, knowing they are equipped to install, troubleshoot, and service enterprise-grade wireless networks for their customers more efficiently. This reduces unbillable time and also frees technicians to complete even more revenue-generating projects in less time.

Attendees will leave knowing the benefits of custom systems and the value that Access Networks can provide. Whether an integration team is big or small, Access Networks helps them focus their energy on growing their business.

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