At Access Networks we offer 3 types of access points

  • Standard – works as standalone or with a wireless controller
  • Unleashed – controller software is working on the access points
  • Cloud – access points are managed via a cloud based controller

Standard Access Points

Access Networks access points are designed to be deployed with a wireless controller managing the system. The Access Networks C120 Controller makes it simple to set up and manage the network, enhance security, minimize troubleshooting, and make upgrades easy. It features a highly-intuitive Web user interface to make configuration and administration of the entire WLAN a breeze and delivers a bunch of wireless LAN features not found in any other centrally-managed systems.

Stand-alone mode is the least preferred method of deploying Access Networks access points as it does not provide cohesive management of the wireless network.

Unleashed Access Points

Access Networks Unleashed is a controller-less wireless LAN solution that enables integrators to deliver an optimal wireless experience at an affordable price point. The controller software runs on the access point and can be configured and deployed in minutes. Access Networks Unleashed provides integrators with a simple solution for deployments with 1-5 access points. Automatic configuration and centralized management with a self-healing, master/standby-master architecture makes Unleashed a simple solution for smaller, budget conscious wireless networks. With easy migration options to the C120 Controller or Access Networks Cloud, Access Networks Unleashed scales with your project.

Cloud Access Points

Access Networks Cloud is an entirely new way to manage access points and  wireless deployments. Built on Ruckus’ Virtual Smart Zone platform, Access Networks Cloud will allow easy deployment of access points to any site without the need for a hardware based wireless controller.  Once provisioned on site, the access points will connect and be managed by the single-login Access Networks Cloud for a seamless client experience and feature support. Access Networks Cloud is supported by our team of Ruckus certified engineers and includes day-one support, setup assistance, site optimization, troubleshooting and advanced hardware replacement with standard ground shipping. Access Networks Cloud support and control is offered during our normal support hours as long as your yearly Cloud service plan license is active. A yearly subscription per access point applies and must be kept up to date for full functionality.  See Access Networks Cloud products for more info.